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Prayer Wall Add a Post Screen, Test Who Receives Email

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You came to this Add a Post screen by clicking on the [Add a New Post] gold button on the Prayer Wall Control Panel screen.

This screen is used to "Add" a new post of a prayer request, praise report, or discussion thread to the Prayer Wall.

This [Help ?] button narrative is specifically for the "Test Who Will Receive Email" function on this screen.

If you choose to use the "Email Test" function, it has to be performed first, before you enter any other data on this screen. Using the test function will wipe out any Title or Message you have already entered, if you enter them before performing the email test function, and return you to the Prayer Wall Control Panel screen.

To Test Who Will Receive Email:

Step 1 -- Select Recipient Group(s):
In the theme-colored screen entry area, on the right side, is a box showing what "groups" are available to you. These are the groups of people who will see your Prayer Wall posting, and who will receive an email "alert message" regarding what you post on the Prayer Wall.

In the "groups" box, everyone should see a group labeled, "All Members". If you have created any Private Prayer Wall groups, you will see those, too! You will only see the Private Prayer Wall groups you are in -- you will not see the names Private Groups in which you are not a member.

Select a group (or groups) by clicking on the Checkbox next to the group name. You can select more than one. If you do not select any, the default is the same as if you selected the "All Members" choice.

The group(s) you select will be the one(s) you want to see your Prayer Wall posting and be notified concerning your Prayer Wall posting. Thus you can "limit" who sees your posting and the notifications sent out, by not selecting certain groups.

For example, if you want the members of your Private Group to see the posting and be notified, but no one else, you can select just your Private Group. Doing so will mean your posting goes only on your Private Group's Prayer Wall, and only the members of your Private Group will receive the email or texting notice.

Step 2 -- Execute the Test:
When finished selecting the group(s), click the [Test Who Will Receive Email] button. That will open a display window and show you the names of people and their email addresses that are in the group or groups you selected.

Now when you proceed with the actual posting, you know who will see it and be alerted to it.

When you close the display window, the system will return you to the Prayer Wall Control Panel screen. From there, you can come back to this screen and do the actual post.

"CAA Product Help" from CAA Ministries at or 404-551-4230