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CAA Product Help

(HELP ?) Circles provide narratives on Training, Explanations, and Hints. These can be related to the overall screen, or to specific items on the screen.

This (HELP ?) Circle narrative is for the "ADD A POST" Screen on the MemberLink Member Portal "Prayer Wall".

This screen is used to "Add" a new post of a prayer request, praise report, or discussion thread to the Prayer Wall.


There are two Checkboxes and a special button on this screen that have their own Help narratives.

- Checkbox "" Do Not Email, Post to Wall Only

- Checkbox "" (Optional) Mark your email notification as "URGENT"

- Button "" Test Who Will Receive Email

Please click the appropriate (HELP ?) Circle to understand the function of those Checkboxes or that Email Test function before proceeding with the rest of the screen.

** Note: If you choose to use the "Email Test" function, it has to be performed prior to proceeding with Step 1 below. Using the test function will wipe out any Title or Message you have already entered, if you enter them before performing the Email Test Function.

To ADD or "Create" a New Post:

Step 1: Type of Post:

At the top of the theme-colored screen entry area, on the left side, you will see three "Radio Buttons". Please select the appropriate Radio Button by clicking on one of the three buttons.

- Click the (PRAYER REQUEST) Radio Button to indicate your post will be a request for which you want others to pray.

- Click the (PRAISE REPORT) Radio Button to indicate your post will be about something for which you can give praise and ask others to join you in lifting up praise.

- Click the (DISCUSSION) Radio Button to indicate your post will start a discussion thread. Others are encouraged to "weigh in" with comments of their own, much like a blog.

The default "Radio Button" is the (PRAYER REQUEST) Radio Button. If this is what your post will be about, you do not have to click it since it will already be the selected radio button.

Step 2: Short Title:

Use the entry box labeled "Please include a short Title" to indicate a Title for your post. As a rule of thumb, your title should fit into the entry box without having to scroll to read the entire title.

Step 3: Message Text:

Use the entry box labeled "Type Complete Text Here (nnn characters max)" to enter the text of your post. The "nnn" represents the number of characters your church permits. For example, "300" characters would limit the size of your prayer request or praise report to 300 characters long. This setting is in the Configuration file.

** Note: Under the "Type Complete Text Here" entry box, there is a Character Counter. The character counter shows you how many characters you have left as you enter your post.

Step 3: Select Recipient Group(s):

In the theme-colored screen entry area, on the right side, is a box showing what "Groups" are available to you. These are the groups of people who will see your Prayer Wall posting, and who will receive an email "alert message" regarding what you post on the Prayer Wall.

In the "Recipient Groups" box, everyone should see a group labeled, "All Members". If you have created any Private Prayer Wall groups, you will see those, too! You will only see the Private Prayer Wall groups you are in "" you will not see the names Private Groups in which you are not a member.

Select a group (or groups) by clicking on the Checkbox next to the group name. You can select more than one. If you do not select any, the default is the same as if you selected the "All Members" choice.

The group(s) you select will be the one(s) you want to see your Prayer Wall posting. Thus you can "limit" who sees your posting by not selecting certain groups.

For example, if you want the members of your Private Group to see the posting, but no one else, you can select just your Private Group. Doing so will mean your posting goes only on your Private Group's Prayer Wall.

Step 4: Add the Post:

When finished with the screen entry details (select a Radio Button, enter a title and message, select your target audience), click the [FINALIZE AND POST] Button to complete your posting processing.

** Note: If you click the [BACK TO WALL] Button or the "BACK TO WALL" Hyperlink in the Navigation Panel before clicking the [FINALIZE AND POST] Button, your changes will be aborted (not saved or posted).

Step 5: Post Approval:

If your church does not have Prayer Wall Monitors, your post will be immediate and the system will return you to the "PRAYER WALL" Screen and Display Panel . There you will see your post already appearing on the Display Panel .

If your church does have one or more Prayer Wall Monitors, one of them must approve your post before it will appear on the "PRAYER WALL" Screen and Display Panel . A "notice" window will open, letting you know a Wall Monitor will be notified and your post will be delayed until approved. When you close the "notice" window, the system will return you to the "PRAYER WALL" Screen and Display Panel .

"CAA Product Help" from CAA Ministries at or 404-551-4230