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(HELP ?) Circles provide narratives on Training, Explanations, and Hints. These can be related to the overall screen, or to specific items on the screen.

This (HELP ?) Circle narrative is for the "ADD PRIVATE GROUP" Screen on the MemberLink Member Portal "Prayer Wall".

This screen is used to "Add" a new Prayer Wall Private Group, or to "Modify" an existing Private Group. First, we describe the operation of the "Add" function. Then at the bottom of this Help Text information, we describe the operation of the "Modify" function.

To ADD or "create" a new Private Group:

Step 1: Private Group Name:

There will be a box for you to give the Prayer Wall Private Group a name. You can name it almost anything you want, as long as that name has not already been used. Duplicate group names are not permitted, so the first 40 characters of the name must be unique. Some special characters are permitted, such as spaces and dashes.

Step 2: Do Not Show Members on the Wall:

Use this Checkbox to indicate the names of Private Group members will not be displayed when viewing Private Messages posted on the Prayer Wall.

Explanation: When a person views or replies to a posting, the names of the Private Groups will be listed on that screen. If you do not click this Checkbox to turn it on, there will be a "VIEW PRIVATE GROUP MEMBERS" Hyperlink available next to the Private Group names. If the person clicks that hyperlink, the person viewing or replying will be able to see who is in the Private Group. If you click this Checkbox and turn it on, the hyperlink will not be visible and the member names of the Private Group will not be shown to the person viewing or replying to the posting.

Step 3: Choose Members for your Private Group:

Use these Checkboxes next to the people names to select who will be in your Private Group. If you turn a checkbox on, the person will be in the Private Group. If you uncheck a box, that person will not be included in the Private Group.

Step 4: Add the new Private Group:

When finished with the screen entry details, click the [ADD PRIVATE GROUP] Buttonto create the new Prayer Wall Private Group.

To MODIFY or "update" an existing Private Group:

If you are modifying an existing Prayer Wall Private Group (instead of adding a new one), this screen works in the same way as when you are doing an "Add" group. The data previously used for the group will be displayed, and you can change it accordingly.

After making the changes, click the [MODIFY PRIVATE GROUP] Button to save your changes.

** Note: If you click the [BACK TO PRIVATE GROUPS LIST] Button before clicking either the [ADD PRIVATE GROUP] Button or [MODIFY PRIVATE GROUP] Button, your changes will be aborted (not saved).

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