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Prayer Wall - Reply to a Prayer Post Screen

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You came to this Reply to a Post screen by clicking on the View and Reply hyperlink on the Prayer Wall Control Panel screen.

This screen is used to read, and if you want, "Reply" to a previous post of a prayer request, praise report, or discussion thread to the Prayer Wall.

To VIEW or REPLY to a Post:

Step 1 -- View the Post previous Replies:
As you review the layout of this screen, you will see the following sections:

- At the top left, you will see who posted the item; you will be able to read the title and text of the posting; you will see the date of the posting; and you will see the social media reply options for "Like" and "Praying".

- Next you will see the previous Replies, if there have been any. For each Reply, you will see who replied, the text of the reply, and the date of the reply. Also, if you are the person that entered the Reply, you will have options to Modify or Delete your original Reply.

- Finally, you will see an area further down where you can enter a new Reply and post it.

If all you want to do is "VIEW" the post and any replies, after you have done so you can click the [Back to Wall] button to return to the Prayer Wall Control Panel screen.

Step 2 -- Social Media Options:
After reading the original post, you can click the [Like] icon to indicate your appreciation or encouragement for the post and the person who posted it.

You can also click the [Praying] icon to indicate to the person responsible for the post that you are praying for the need expressed in the message of the post.

Step 3 -- Updating a Previous Reply:
This option is available to you only if you were the person that submitted the reply. The author can use the hyperlinks to "Modify" or "Delete" their original reply.

Step 4 -- Enter a New Reply:
In the box labeled, "Enter Your Comment or Reply Here", you can enter a reply to the original post or to one of the previous replies.

Step 5 -- Submit Reply:
When finished with the screen entry details in Steps 1 to 4, click the [Submit Reply] button to complete your comment or reply posting processing. Then return to the Prayer Wall Control Panel screen

** Note: If you click the [Back to Wall] button before clicking the [Submit Reply] button, your changes will be aborted (not saved or posted).

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