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(HELP ?) Circles> provide narratives on Training, Explanations, and Hints. These can be related to the overall screen, or to specific items on the screen. This "Help" narrative contains details about selecting public or private Prayer Walls on the "PRAYER WALL" Screen.

Prayer request "options" such as adding a new post or creating a new private group are located in the Navigation Panel on the left side of the screen.

Prayer requests are shown on the Display Panel (remainder of the screen, under the Information Bar and to the right of the Navigation Panel, in a ROW/COLUMN Form).

Before you post a Prayer Request, Praise Report, or start a Topic Discussion, you have to determine which "Prayer Wall" you want to post on or review.

If you are not part of a Private Prayer Wall Group, the "default" Prayer Wall is "All Members." On the ROW/COLUMN Form portion of the screen, the posted items on each row are those visible to "All Members". Also, in the Navigation Panel at the Left, it will say "All Members" to alert you to the currently active audience.

However, if you are a member of any Group that has a Private Prayer Wall, at any time you may select that Private Prayer Wall Group and limit the visibility of your post to only the other members of that same Private Prayer Wall Group. Only members of the Group can see each other's posts; non-members of that Group will not see the posts.

The exception to this rule is that any person designated by your church to be a Prayer Wall Monitor will receive an email with the text of your post. A Monitor has to approve the post before it appears on the Prayer Wall, even if the post is on a Private Wall.

To select a Private Prayer Wall, click the pull-down menu arrow for the "Currently Viewing Wall" menu in the Navigation Panel. The pull-down menu will display all the Prayer Wall Groups of which you are a participant. You may select any one of those Groups, and then your current post will go only to the other participants in that same Group. People not in that Group will not see your Prayer Request, Praise Report, or Discussion item (except for the church's designated Wall Monitors).

Also notice the "Currently Viewing Wall: All Members" alert message will change to "Currently Viewing Wall: (for the Group you selected)". The ROW/COLUMN Form portion of the screen will now only be showing the postings for that Prayer Wall Group.

You can choose any of the Private Prayer Wall Groups you participate in at any time, changing back and forth between Groups and "All Members" whenever you need to do so. The postings shown in the rows on the ROW/COLUMN Form portion of the screen will also change back and forth as you change Prayer Wall Groups.

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