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View Tax Reports, Contributions Report Screen

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The Contributions Report Selection screen is where you come to create and view the various Contribution reports for your donors.

One of the options provided on this screen is to let you "view" the IRS Contribution Statements. The [View Tax Reports] hyperlink is used to go to the IRS Contribution Statements Download screen where you can either download IRS Contribution Statements for viewing or printing.

The [View Tax Reports] hyperlink is located in the Navigation Panel on the left side of the screen.

** Note: Before viewing tax reports, you must create the tax reports. The [Get Tax Report(s)] button, located at the top on this screen, is used to create the tax reports.

If the tax reports have not been created, the [View Tax Reports] hyperlink will take you to the viewing screen but it will be empty. If the tax reports have previously been created, the viewing screen will show reports ready to download and view.

** Important:

Each time you click the [Get Tax Report(s)] button, you create a new set of tax reports. You can end up creating duplicates. The purpose of the [View Tax Reports] hyperlink is so that you can go to the viewing screen without having to create another set of tax reports.

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