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The Contributions Report View/Print screen is used to display the report. You came to this screen from the Contributions Report Selection screen by clicking the [View the Report] button.

Before coming to this screen, you selected the Fund(s) and the Start/Finish Date Range.

Report Overview:

This report shows the people and their donation transactions that match your Fund(s) and Date Range criteria.

This screen displays the following eight columns of report data:
- Name (First Name & Last Name of Donor)
- Type (method of donation, such as check, cash, money order)
- Amount (of donation) and optionally the Check #
- Fund (name of Fund the donation was applied to)
- Batch # (if a batch number was entered)
- Envelope # (donor's envelope number)
- Date (of donation transaction posting)
- Description (optional notes pertaining to the transaction)

There are sub-totals available for several of these columns.

Sorting the Report:

This report can be sorted and sub-totaled in several ways. It can show people's names, or just category totals. These options are controlled by the "Choose Action" selection menu near the top on the left side of the screen.

When you click the menu arrow, you will see the following choices:
- Sort By Name (the default, transactions grouped by Person)
- Sort By Fund (transactions grouped by Fund name)
- Sort By Batch (transactions grouped by Batch number)
- Sort By Envelope Number (transactions grouped by Envelope)
- Sort By Type (transactions grouped by cash, check, etc.)
- Show Fund Totals (Fund totals only, no people names)
- Show Batch Totals (Batch totals only, no people names)
- Show Envelope Number Totals (Envelope totals only, no people names)
- Show Type Totals (Type totals only, no people names)

Printing the Report:

The report is designed to display on your screen (see Report Overview above). However, after you use the "Choose Action" selection menu on the screen to choose your sort options or determine that you want to see names or just totals, you may decide you want to print a copy.

[Print with Browser] button:
Click this button to start the process of printing the report. The actual printing will be controlled by your Browser's print settings. Your Browser may be set to direct you to a printer, a One-Note file, etc.

After you select the printer, you should be able to "preview" the report and determine if you want to change the orientation or margins and other print settings before you actually print it on paper.

Concluding the Report:

After you have viewed the report or even perhaps printed it, click the [Back to Contributions Reporting] button to return to the Contributions Report Selection screen.

If you are finished with reporting, you may click the [Back to Contributions] button to return to the Contributions Control Panel screen.

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