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This is the HELP TEXT narrative for "Using the Envelope Number & Envelope Look-Up" on the Contributions Queue screen.

The Envelope Number is entered in Section 1 of this screen, where donation transactions are added; and can be updated in Section 2 of this screen where the queued items are displayed.

Section 1 -- Adding New Donations:

As you begin the process of entering or posting a donation, first you have to establish or assign WHO gave the contribution. You do this in one of three ways:

1. By Envelope Number:
If you know the person's envelope number, enter that in the first box and press the [Tab] button. If the envelope number is already in the system and assigned to a contact record, that person's name will be displayed in the "Donor Name" box. If not, you will get a "No Results" error response and you will need to re-enter a valid envelope number or blank it out.

2. By Name:
A complete description of how to enter Donor Name -- which includes the Contributor Filter option for facilitating faster lookups -- is available as a HELP TEXT narrative. Click the [Help ?] button on this Comprehensive Help screen labeled "Using the Donor Name & Last Name Selection Menu" to see this important information.

3. Leave it Unassigned:
"Anonymous Giver" is a special, "system-generated" person. There is no contact record for Anonymous Giver. When you post a contribution that you do not want to assign to a specific individual, you can enter "GIFT" in the "Envelope Number" box and then press the [Tab] button. The "Donor Name" will be the system-generated person, "Anonymous Contributions", not any of your contact record names (members, prospects, etc.). Examples of anonymous gifts might be loose cash or loose change in the offering plate, and donations given anonymously.

** Note: Click the [Help ?] button on this Comprehensive Help screen labeled "Overview & Basics" to see this important information with explanations and hints on using the Anonymous Giver.

** Note: Before you do anything else with this donation, you must have a valid donor name selected. That will be either someone already defined in your contact records, or the system-generated "Anonymous Giver". If you enter other data first, then come back to select or change the Donor Name, the other data will be lost (blanked out) when you go through the process of selecting a valid Donor Name.

Section 2 -- Review & Update Queued Donations:

The "queue" area of the screen is just below the "add" area of the screen. Each queued transaction is listed as a row on the screen.

The donations are listed here so that you can review them, and make corrections if necessary.

At the beginning of each queued transaction, there is a "red X" box. If you click that box, the entire transaction will be deleted.

The envelope number is displayed in the box labeled, "Env. No." and that box will be blank if none was entered. You can change the envelope number shown, by just clicking inside the Env. No. box and making whatever change you want.

** Note: Changing the envelope number here will not change the envelope number assigned to this person in Profile screen. Also, it will not change the envelope number that was entered in any other queued transactions. Changing it here just changes it in this one donation transaction.

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