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Using the Donations Envelope Number

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"Donations Envelope Number" is a standard data field on the Profile screen. It is found in the top left quadrant, in the section that appears when you click the [+ Additional Information] expansion button. It lets you assign an Envelope Number to a person.

If you are using the CAA ContributionLink system for tracking donations, and your church uses an Envelope Number system, the Envelope Number can be a very useful tool. ContributionLink allows you to post donation transactions by Envelope Number. This is a very quick way to link a donation to a person without having to search for the person by alphabetic name lookup. Posting by Envelope Number can greatly speed up the transaction posting process.

** Note: Envelope Numbers are not unique or edited when they are assigned to a person. Any combination of numbers and characters can be used, and the same number could be assigned to multiple people. This would be handy when one number is assigned to a family rather than an individual. When this happens, all the people with that number are shown and the person posting the transaction will be shown a picklist of names that all have the same number. The correct name can be selected from the picklist.

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