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Overview of IRS Contribution Statements Download Screen

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The IRS Contribution Statements Download screen is used as a place where you can download end-of-year tax reports. You came to this screen from the Contributions Report Selection screen by clicking the [Create Tax Report(s)] button.

Before coming to this screen, you selected the Fund(s) and the Start/Finish Date Range.

Clicking the [Create Tax Report(s)] button causes the system to generate downloadable files for each donor. These are in .RTF format files, formatted to print as Contribution Statements suitable as charitable deduction support for the IRS.

The tax reports are created for each individual donor. This screen shows you a list of everyone who donated. The list is sorted alphabetically in ascending sequence and the names of the donors are shown in a column on the left side of the screen.

Each entry has a Download hyperlink. Click the link to download the file. Then you can store it, review it, and print itů whatever is appropriate.

After you have finished downloading any or all of the files, click the [Back to Contributions Reporting] button to return to the Contributions Report Selection screen.

If you are finished with reporting, you may click the [Back to Contributions] button to return to the Contributions Control Panel screen.

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