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(HELP ?) Circles provide narratives on Training, Explanations, and Hints. These can be related to the overall screen, or to specific items on the screen.

This (HELP ?) circle narrative is for the "TAX REPORTS" screen or Display Panel in ContributionLink.

Section 1 - Overview

The "TAX REPORTS" Display Panel shows a list of all the Tax Reports that were created when you clicked the [GET TAX REPORTS] button on the "REPORTS" screen. Every time the [GET TAX REPORTS] button is pressed, it creates a new set of reports. It also deletes anything that was there, previously, so that you always have up-to-date tax reports.

From here you can "Download" tax reports, "Print Mailing Labels" for tax reports, and more.

** Note: Before viewing tax reports, you must create the tax reports. The [GET TAX REPORTS] button on the ContributionLink "REPORTS" screen, is used to create the tax reports.

If the tax reports have not been created, the "TAX REPORTS" Display Panel will be empty. If the tax reports have previously been created, they will show and are ready to download and/or view. These reports or "IRS Contribution Statements" are in the form of "Download" files that are Microsoft Word documents.

When the Tax Reports were created, the selection parameters included which Fund or Funds you wanted, and for transactions posted to those funds, only those that occurred between the "From" and "To" date range. This would give you all the donations for any person that made a contribution to the selected Funds within the selected date range.

** Note: Select only those Funds that reflect tax-deductible donations. Do not include donations not eligible for IRS tax deductions.

Section 2 - Navigation Panel

Some of the Navigation Panel hyperlinks deserve special explanation:

Clicking the "DOWNLOAD TAX REPORTS" hyperlink will download all the individual IRS Contribution Statements into one printable Word document. Use this link to easily download all of them, instead of downloading them one at a time (one per person) from the hyperlink in the "DOWNLOAD" column.

Navigation Panel PRINT LABELS
Clicking the "PRINT LABELS" hyperlink starts the process of creating Avery labels so that you can mail out the IRS Tax Contribution Statements after you print them. One label will be created for each Statement, and the labels will be sequenced in the same order as the Statements for ease in matching them up.

Clicking the "DELETE TAX REPORTS" hyperlink will give you the opportunity to delete all the IRS Tax Contribution Statements. You can delete them one at a time by using the "REMOVE" column, or delete them all at once with this hyperlink. Even if you delete them all, you can recreate them again anytime needed.

Section 3 - Display Panel

Here is an overview of each column on the "TAX REPORTS" screen or Display Panel :

"SELECT" Column
This column offers "highlighting" Checkboxes. When you click a Checkbox, that row is highlighted. You may highlight one or more rows. This feature is provided as a convenience if you need to focus on certain rows of records (people/statements).

Also, there are special buttons above and below the "SELECT" column that you can use to retain or exclude highlighted rows. In effect, this removes the records you do not want to see, leaving as active records only those you do want to see.

"NAME" Column
This column shows the name (first and last) of the person identified in the posted contribution records. Each row in the display is a contribution statement download file for the named person. Using the "Up Arrow" and "Down Arrow", you can sort the download files by "Last Name" ascending or descending. In the default sorting, the column will be sorted in ascending sequence.

"DATE" Column
This column shows the date the contribution download files were created. Using the "Up Arrow" and "Down Arrow", you can sort the download files by "Creation Date" ascending or descending.

This column shows the "DOWNLOAD" hyperlink for each contribution statement download file. Click the hyperlink to download the file as a Microsoft Word document. You can print the Word document when you are ready.

** Important: If the year has not been closed, the contribution statement reports will show with the word "draft" so that you know transactions can still be corrected and tax reports can be created afresh.

"REMOVE" Column
This column allows you to delete existing contribution statement download files. Use the Checkboxes to identify the download files you want to remove - meaning you want to delete them from the system. Click the Checkbox to turn it on for any download file you wish to delete. Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the [DELETE CHECKED REPORT(S)] button.

You can re-create tax reports at any time. Also, the system will delete them after a period of time, so typically you would not have to delete the tax reports yourself.

** Important:
The IRS Contribution Statement will say "Draft" until you click the "YEAR-END" tab on the Operations Bar and close the Year. Before closing, you can change or correct any transaction that was posted in that open calendar year. After closing, you cannot change the transactions and the IRS statement will be "final" and ready for the members to use for tax purposes.

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