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This "Help" narrative is for the "PHONEVITE DESCRIPTION" Screen in the MemberLink Module.

Phonevite is a third-party service that places phone calls to your list of people "" on the date and time you specify "" and plays a 2-minute message that you previously recorded. There is also an option for sending an email message to your people with your audio message file attached.

Phonevite charges 4 cents per completed call, a special rate just for MemberLink church customers. If someone answers, or the machine answers, the church will be billed 4 cents on your Phonevite account.

For example, if 100 people answer or have answering machines, it would cost you only $4. There is no cost for calls that are not answered. There is no cost for emails that have your audio file message attached.

Costs incurred will be billed to the account you set up with Phonevite when you register for their service.

** Note: Your MemberLink product provider does not receive any portion of Phonevite's service fees, has no financial interest in Phonevite, and has no role in Phonevite operations.

Your MemberLink product provider offers this integration to assist you with phone-tree type needs, at costs much lower than if you purchased and installed your own phone-tree type software.

1) Click to View Video

2) Click for Helping Churches Connect

3) Click for Phonevite Premium Service Special Customer FORM

Phonevite is used by Churches, Schools And Non-Profit Organizations.

"CAA Product Help" from CAA Ministries at Support@CAAsoftware.com or 404-551-4230