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This [Need Help ?] button narrative applies to "Adding a Transaction Option" and also "Modifying an existing Transaction Option".

Section 1 -- Adding a Transaction Option:

You came to this Add Transaction Option screen when you clicked the [Add Transaction Option] icon on the Transaction Options screen.

This is a way to "Add Extra Items" to an inventory transaction.

For example, you can add a Bank Name or Person. You can add any kind of items -- just define a name for the option and enter some text that goes under the button you press to go enter all the options.

If, for example, you gave a name of "Bank Name" to the option, and you entered: [List All Available Bank Names] as the button label, and then you clicked the [Add Transaction Option] button, it would setup a button on your Transaction CONTROL PANEL screen for entering bank names. (And that button would be labeled "List All Available Bank Names".)

Then when entering a transaction, you would find a section in the Add to Inventory screen where you could choose from the bank names you previously entered. The bank name you select would be assigned to the transaction.

You can set this up to use single values or multiple values for the option.

- Use "Single Values" on the bank name option, because a transaction cannot go in more than one bank.

- But if the transaction option was "Auditor", for example, you could have multiple auditors for a transaction. You would choose "Multiple Values" for that kind of option.

Description is simply text you enter that reminds you of how to use the extra option.

Click the [Add Transaction Option] button to complete adding the new option.

Section 2 -- Modifying a Transaction Option:

The "Modify" works the same way as the "Add", except the screen will show the values and choices used when the "Add" was done previously. Just make the changes you want to anything on the screen.

Click the [Modify Transaction Option] button to save your update.

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