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Creating & Maintaining Groups, Add Group or Modify Group Screen

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This screen is used to "Add" a new group, or to "Modify" an existing group. First, we describe the operation of the "Add" function. Then at the bottom of this Help Text information, we describe the operation of the "Modify" function.

To ADD or "create" a new group:

Step 1 -- Group Name:
There will be a box for you to give it a name. You can name it almost anything you want, as long as that name has not already been used. Duplicate group names are not permitted, so the first 40 characters of the name must be unique. Some special characters are permitted, such as spaces and dashes.

Step 2 -- Assign Group to Category:
If this group will belong to a group category, you can select the category from the drop-down list. See the "Help & Training" [Help ?] button on the Group Categories screen for details. You can also go to the Group Categories screen screen at a later time to assign the group category.

Step 3 -- Include Group in Photo Directory:
Use this Checkbox to indicate if the group will displayed in the online Photo/Contact Directory. If you click the Checkbox to turn it on, this group will be selectable in the Photo/Contact Directory and people that login to the Member Portal module will be able to see the photo and contact information for members of this group.

Step 4 -- Include Private Prayer Wall for Group:
Use this Checkbox to indicate if the group will have their own "private" prayer wall. The private wall can be used to post prayer requests, praise reports, and discussion topics, but only the members of the group can post on their private wall and respond to each other. No one else (except Prayer Wall Monitors) will see the private posts.

Step 5 -- Attendance Tracking:
Use the Attendance "Radio" buttons to indicate if the group will need attendance rosters. The default "Radio" button will be set to "Not an Attendance Group" and is used for groups that do not need attendance tracking when they meet. "Monthly" rosters will provide up to five Sundays each month, while "Yearly" rosters will provide 12 attendance boxes (one for each month).

Step 6 -- Type of Group:
Use the Type of Group "Radio" button to indicate if this new group is a "Regular Group" (the default setting), or if it will be a "Family Group", or if it will be a "Care Group" (subset of a class, for example).

** Note: If you click the Care Group "Radio" button, another entry box will open up. If you have created a Care Group Set that this Care Group will be assigned to, you can select the Care Group Set name with this entry box. The Care Group Set must be created in advance and selectable here, because the Manage Care Group Set screen does not permit assigning from there. It can only be assigned from this screen as you create or modify the group.

Step 7 -- Description:
Use of the description box is optional. Usage Example: If this group is for a Sunday School class, you could put in this box the name of the teacher, which classroom they meet in, which curriculum they use, and other helpful information.

When finished with the screen entry details, click the [Add Group] button to create the new group.

To MODIFY or "update" an existing group:

If you are modifying an existing group (instead of adding a new one), this screen works in the same way as when you are doing an "Add" group. The data previously used for the group will be displayed, and you can change it accordingly.

After making the changes, click the [Modify Group] button to save your changes.

** Note: If you click the [Back to Groups] button before clicking either the [Add Group] button or [Modify Group] button, your changes will be aborted (not saved).

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